Artist's Statement

        I am a self-taught artist whose paintings are inspired by color, light, and texture. Warm hues of red flowers popping out in nature’s green abundance, the uneven surface of an old flowerpot, contrasting sunlight and shadows on a figure - these naturally occurring images fill me with a palpable urge to get into my studio, grab a brush or palette knife, and take to paper or canvas. Once there, I begin experimenting with color combinations, which can lay the groundwork for an expressionistic still life, landscape, or figure, or satisfy my longing by evolving into an abstract work. Whether painting from a photograph or from life, I hope to evoke emotion, awaken in the viewer fond memories, or suggest a new way of seeing the world, while staying true to my original inspiration for each painting.  



About Me

While growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, the arts were a staple in my family. Piano, dance, singing, sewing – I learned at an early age how to express myself through creating art. After receiving a B.A. from Auburn University and an M.A. from the University of Memphis, I embarked on a career in Speech Pathology, (the “practical” choice). However, the arts were never far away –wherever I was, I had a corner, a table, or a room to “set up shop” and escape for a few minutes or hours to satisfy my creative appetite. While raising three children with my husband, Don, my career path took a turn into nonprofit development work through our involvement with the local community theatre in Greensboro, North Carolina, bringing me closer to a career in the arts.

Eventually, I turned my focus to painting – an art that I had always longed to explore and, since discovering, have immersed myself in with great delight. Learning everything I can through workshops, classes, and connecting with other artists, and exploring it all in my home studio has become my greatest passion. I spend most of my days creating to my heart’s delight as I use paint to portray the wonders of nature, explore human emotion, and reflect my life’s experiences. I have found my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and I’m thrilled to be able to share it with others!

I learn. I explore. I create.